At YMUNIT, we support you and help you achieve excellence. As specialists in cybersecurity and healthcare audits, we are your key partner for compliance and success. Find out how we can turn your challenges into opportunities.
In addition to being an auditing firm, we are also a SaaS and On premise solution provider.

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In today's environment, the security of your digital and information assets is more crucial than ever. At YMUNIT, we offer you a unique perspective on the security of your IT infrastructure. Specialized in cybersecurity audits, particularly in Defense and Healthcare (NIS2 Directive, ISO 27001, HDS, LPM, IGI 1300, II 901, IM 900, II 300), we help you gain a clear vision of your organization, governance and infrastructures.

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In an environment where drug safety is more than a necessity, it's a promise to your patients, and a legal obligation for your company. Partnering with a health and pharmacovigilance audit firm is not just an option, it's an essential strategy. At YMUNIT, we don't just understand the complex challenges of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry; we anticipate them to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Discover cyber risk management made easy, Data Driven and Zero Trust.
Increase your Defense in Depth and Confidentility.
Comply with the NIS2 Directive and ISO 27001.
Reduce training time dedicated to Cyber risks and threats
Our solution complies with the EBIOS RM method and the ISO 27005 standard

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Develop a clear vision of your risks, threats and Cyber maturity

Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance Audits

We carry out comprehensive Cybersecurity audits to identify your level of Cyber maturity and compliance.

YMUNIT supports your organization and ensures that it complies with current standards and regulations. We support and advise you in carrying out NIS 2, ISO 27001, RGPD, HDS, DORA, IGI 1300, LPM, II 901, IM 900 and II300 audits.

Cyber Risk and Strategy Assessment

Our risk assessment based on our “” solution and the EBIOS RM method (and ISO 27005) helps you understand and prioritize your threats, enabling you to comply with the NIS 2 Directive and ISO 27001.

Being compliant and having a Cyber risk strategy is essential to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information, and to reassure your customers and partners.


Implement good clinical and pharmacovigilance practices

Good Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Practice Audits

YMUNIT carries out specialized audits to ensure that your pharmacovigilance practices (GVP, GCP, CSV, HDS…) comply with international and local regulations.

We assess your pre- and post-marketing surveillance systems to ensure patient safety and product quality.

Health Risk Management Consulting

We offer strategic advice on drug risk management, including the identification, assessment and minimization of health risks.

Our aim is to protect public health while supporting the therapeutic efficacy of your products.


Manage your sensitive information assets

Your data and digital assets become your assets with Risk Hunter.

Control your Cyber Threats and Risks

Our intuitive, user-friendly data-driven platform enables you to optimize and add value to your digital and information resources.
It enables you to manage your cyber* threats and risks, as well as your sensitive projects, in a secure, controlled environment.

Ensure confidentiality and compliance with the NIS 2 Directive and ISO 27001 standard

Our approach, based on the principles of “least privilege” and “need to know”, guarantees data confidentiality and access control, while facilitating appropriate sharing within your projects and organizations.
*Based on the EBIOS RM method (ANSSI) and the international standard ISO/IEC 27005: 2022.

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